Therapy of psychoses

Search for the psychotherapist and selection of the method

bildBecause of the heavy workload of many psychotherapists, it may not be so easy to begin psychotherapy so promptly. In addition, you should allow enough time before starting until you have stabilised yourself fully after the acute crisis. Furthermore, the question arises concerning which therapeutic method is the right one for you. When looking for a suitable psychotherapist and selecting the mode of therapy, you should be sure to observe a few tips:

  • The attempt is what is important, as well as the impression that you have after the first personal contact. Since no transfer or anything else is necessary, the search for a suitable therapist can take place without any complications. Assuming that the therapist’s costs are carried by the statutory health insurance, it should be sufficient to take along your insurance card.
  • Basically, it is possible to obtain the diagnosis as a criterion to help select the method of therapy. Along with the diagnosis, as a criterion for making this selection, there is always the personal preference as well, concerning: Which method is subjectively considered to be suitable? Many of the therapeutic methods, however, have an effect on interdisciplinary diagnoses. Important are also what you hope to reach with the therapy and which mode of therapy you will be motivated to employ. Furthermore, you should clarify whether there is anyone who has specialised in your kind of illness and whether you prefer an individual or a group therapy. Finally, it is also important that the therapy can take place in your vicinity, a feature which will ensure the probability of your carrying out a therapy without interruption. Also ask whether your health insurance will actually cover the costs for the therapy you have planned.
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