Therapy of psychoses

Can I become pregnant and will I be able to nurse my child?

bildEspecially for women: Every possible pregnancy must be clarified! The administration of medications during a pregnancy is a serious problem; therefore, it must be recommended that no unplanned pregnancies should occur.

Many medications have a negative effect on an unborn child. In addition, the pregnancy and the time afterwards are considered to be a period associated with particularly great risks for afflicted mothers. Also when undergoing treatment with a medication, becoming pregnant and being psychologically ill are naturally not mutually exclusive and should only be planned, because of the reasons cited above, so that nothing stands in the way for the development of a healthy child and the stability of the mother. Nursing the child is often possible without any problems, in part also in spite of receiving such a medication.

Particularly in regard to advice concerning such a condition, it is absolutely mandatory that your physician plans this situation together with your gynaecologist.

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