Important information for relatives

How do parents and partners experience psychotic phases?

For me, a psychosis is (as if)...

  • "a clouded over windowpane. One cannot be reached perceptually - neither acoustically nor optically."
  • "a volcano or sinister dungeon. The pictures of the psyche get sucked in, they confuse one's thinking and actions - or they remain locked in and rigid."
  • "something with which those who are normal – the society - cannot cope, it causes them to be afraid, because it questions their lifestyle and their goals or explains/proves them to be wrong. The psychosis is something which causes me to be fearful, not only because I do not understand it, but also because it turns my world upside down – it simply hurls the truth in my face."
  • "isolation; distance from reality; fears; depressed; confused; not addressable and/or being without any reaction, increase one's reactions to the point of being aggressive."
  • "hovering between hope, disappointment, and resignation. Unbelievable horror (that cannot be true at all, my daughter). To offer all power available in order to provide help. To be pounded soft from the eternal ups and downs."
  • "self-destruction, one does something to one's self and knows no boundaries. The barrel full of unfinished tasks is overflowing."
  • "threats through myself personally, which are easily projected to others. Psychosis is suffering. Psychosis is also a form of self-regulation, in the sense that it has the function of demonstrating that something is out of order. The feeling of self-esteem has reached zero."
  • "strangeness, lack of understanding, fear, helplessness. Powerlessness – I see another person in the mirror."
  • "if two persons are stuck in one body. Occasionally they live side by side, and occasionally they are also »alone«. The flight of »myself« in into another world, which detaches, protects, saves »my self« from the influence of others and makes it possible to establish one's own private world.”
  • "to experience something as our son had: I am Jesus, I must save the world. I am the devil; I do evil things to others. Everyone observes me and controls me; they laugh and speak about me. Everyone tortures me and wants to kill me. You are all terrorists. I am fully alone."

(Source: T. Bock, StimmenReich, Balance – Buch und Medien Verlag, Germany)

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