Information about bipolar disorders

What are my chances of a cure?

For the course of the disorder and thus the chance of a cure, so-called prognostic factors exist. The prognostic factors can be subdivided into factors which can be influenced and factors which cannot be influenced. Negative factors which cannot be influenced are among other things the existence of bipolar disorders in the family, an early start of the illness in youth or a start of the illness with a depressive phase. You can change very little in these factors. The negative factors which can be influenced include e.g. a long-term untreated bipolar disorder, a simultaneous substance abuse, a non-existent willingness to accept regular drug treatment, increased relapses through an abandonment of the drug and psychosocial treatment or permanent stress factors. These are distinct points in which one can change something. This means you have a chance of success in positively influencing the course of the disorder and thus your cure.

The chances of a cure can be improved through

  • The earlier you are treated, the better will be your chances of a cure, i.e. the longer they are not treated, the worst will be your chance!
  • If the drug-treatment and psychosocial therapies are carried out at the same time, integrated into a long-term therapy, the chance of a cure is better.
  • If psychological therapies, e.g. behaviour therapy or family therapy are carried out, relapses become less and the illness and the precipitating problems are better handled, and through this the chance of a cure increases.
  • Learn to live with the disorder. Trivialization or ignoring the disorder leads to you not carrying out therapies. This reduces the chance of a cure. Deal with the illness, become an expert.
  • If medicaments are taken reliably the chance of a cure increases.
  • If relapses are prevented by regularly taking medicaments and adjusting your lifestyle the chance of a cure increases.
  • If an additional consumption of addictive drugs is stopped, the chance of a cure increases.
  • If additional psychic symptoms or disorders such as anxiety disorders or personality disorders are treated, the chance of a cure increases.


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