Information about bipolar disorders

Who is affected?

In principle, the following applies: anybody can be affected by the disorder!

bildWomen and men are just as frequently affected by a bipolar I disorder, while the bipolar II disorder occurs more frequently in women. The first phase is rather a manic episode in the case of men; in women rather a depressive episode. In women, reports are of an increased incidence during or after a pregnancy. Various factors exist which cause an increased “susceptibility” to the development of bipolar disorders; these are called vulnerability factors. People with bipolar mood disorders are not ill because they have done something wrong or because they have a weak personality. They cannot be blamed for their disorder. Bipolar mood disorders can afflict anybody.

Some famous people were also affected by this disorder: thus, Hans Christian Andersen, Kurt Cobain, Vincent van Gogh, Ernest Hemingway, Gustav Mahler and many other extraordinary creative persons have suffered from it.

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