Information about psychoses

What are my chances of a cure?

bildThe chance of a cure, i.e. the future success of treatment of psychotic disorders has improved clearly in the last few decades through an expansion of the therapies offered. Despite this, one important factor quite significantly influences the process: Your willingness to take part in the therapy! Without this any therapy will be unsuccessful!

Besides your willingness, the course of a psychosis also depends on many other factors. The most important are:

  • The earlier you are treated, the better will be your chances of a cure, i.e. the longer you are not treated, the worst will be your chance!
  • If the drug-treatment and psychosocial therapies are carried out at the same time, integrated into a long-term therapy, the chance of a cure is better.
  • If psychological therapies, e.g. behaviour therapy or family therapy are carried out, relapses become less and the illness and the precipitating problems are better handled, and through this the chance of a cure increases.
  • If medicaments are taken reliably the chance of a cure increases.
  • If relapses are prevented by regularly taking medicaments and adjusting your lifestyle the chance of a cure increases.
  • If an additional consumption of addictive drugs is stopped, the chance of a cure increases.
  • If additional psychic symptoms or disorders such as depression or anxiety are treated, the chance of a cure increases.
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