Information about psychoses

What does an additional psychic disorder mean?

In many persons with a psychosis besides the psychosis other psychic problems also exist. These include among other things an additional consumption of addictive drugs – above all of cannabis or alcohol – an additional depressive disorder or an additional anxiety disorder – above all social phobia (with the same meaning as social anxiety) or panic disorder. It is important that an untreated psychic disorder can lead to a deterioration of the course of the psychosis. Accordingly, it is important if you are suffering e.g. from depressive mood changes, greater anxiety or an addiction disorder to discuss this with your attending therapist or doctor and together look for solutions and possible therapies.

Possibly however these additional problems are also not completely independent: Thus, a depressive mood can at the same time be the consequence of the psychosis and contribute to its onset. Depressions and compulsive acts can function as protective mechanisms in the short-term in order not to become psychotic, in the long-term however they deteriorate the course of the disorder. And the consumption of alcohol or drugs can initially serve to calm down the person afflicted (self-medication); in the long-term however block precisely the personal and social resources that one needs in order not to become psychotic in a serious life crisis.

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