Information about psychosis

What phases of a psychosis are there?

Psychoses proceed in phases. The most important are:

  • THE PRODROMAL PHASE – The “prodromal phase” (translated the “precursor phase” is the phase from the start of the first psychic changes and / or negative symptoms to the general onset of psychotically positive symptoms (e.g. hallucinations or delusion). The average duration is around two to five years.
  • THE PHASE OF THE UNTREATED PSYCHOSIS – This refers to the phase from the general onset of psychotic symptoms (e.g. hallucinations or delusion) to the first treatment. The average duration is around six to twelve months.
  • THE ACUTE PHASE – This is where the complete onset of the disorder occurs with hallucinations, delusional ideas and incoherent / scatterbrained thought. Part of the disorder is that you possibly have difficulties in understanding that you are ill.
  • THE LONG-TERM PHASE – After the disappearance of acute symptoms and the stabilization of the state, negative symptoms can continue to exist over a variously long period. This phase can last many years; sometimes also with relapses into the acute phase.

Phasen der psychotischen Erkrankung


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