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Phased secondary small interfering RNAs in Panax notoginseng.

Chen, K., Liu, L., Zhang, X.T., Yuan, Y.Y., Ren, S.C., Guo, J.Q., Wang, Q.Y., Liao, P.R., Li, S.P., Cui, X.M., Li, Y.F., Zheng, Y.

BMC genomics (2018). 19.

Study on the grading standard of Panax notoginseng seedlings.

Chen, L.J., Yang, Y., Ge, J., Cui, X.M., Xiong, Y.

Journal of Ginseng Research (2018). 42, 208-217.

Melatonin enhances astaxanthin accumulation in the green microalga Haematococcus pluvialis by mechanisms possibly related to abiotic stress tolerance.

Ding, W., Zhao, P., Peng, J., Zhao, Y.T., Xu, J.W., Li, T., Reiter, R.J., Ma, H.X., Yu, X.Y.

Algal Research-Biomass Biofuels and Bioproducts (2018). 33, 256-265.

Melatonin: A Multifunctional Molecule That Triggers Defense Responses against High Light and Nitrogen Starvation Stress in Haematococcus pluvialis.

Ding, W., Zhao, Y.T., Xu, J.W., Zhao, P., Li, T., Ma, H.X., Reiter, R.J., Yu, X.Y.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2018). 66, 7701-7711.

Nonanoic Acid-Coated Magnetite Nanoparticles for Separation and Preconcentration of Lead and Copper in Tobacco Samples prior to Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Determination.

Feng, S., Liu, H., Huang, J.F., Wu, J.J., Wei, K., Li, X.L., Meng, D.L., Zhao, J., Yang, Y.L.

Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society (2018). 29, 125-132.

Copper-Catalyzed Decarboxylative Disulfonylation of Alkynyl Carboxylic Acids with Sulfinic Acids.

Fu, H., Shang, J.Q., Yang, T., Shen, Y., Gao, C.Z., Li, Y.M.

Organic Letters (2018). 20, 489-492.

Gateway-compatible inducible vector set for the functional analysis of transcription factors in plants.

Guo, Z.L., Sun, X.D., Xu, H.N.

Planta (2018). 247, 1261-1266.

The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Fragaria orientalis (Rosales: Rosaceae).

Han, Y., Wu, H.B., Liu, Y.

Mitochondrial DNA Part B-Resources (2018). 3, 127-128.

Copper-catalyzed direct oxidative C(sp(2))-H alpha-sulfenylation of enaminones with disulfides or thiophenols: Synthesis of polyfunctionalized aminothioalkenes.

Hu, B., Zhou, P., Rao, K.R., Yang, J., Li, L.D., Yan, S.J., Yu, F.C.

Tetrahedron Letters (2018). 59, 1438-1442.

Determination of norfloxacin or ciprofloxacin by carbon dots fluorescence enhancement using magnetic nanoparticles as adsorbent.

Hua, J.H., Jiao, Y., Wang, M., Yang, Y.L.

Microchimica Acta (2018). 185.

Strongly coupled CdX (X=S, Se and Te) quantum dots/TiO2 nanocomposites for photocatalytic degradation of benzene under visible light irradiation.

Hua, J.H., Wang, M., Jiao, Y., Li, H., Yang, Y.L.

Optik (2018). 171, 95-106.

Development and characterization of sandwich-type enzyme-linked aptamer assay for the detection of rongalite in food.

Jing, L., Li, J., Qin, M.W., Song, Y.Z., Zhang, J.Y., Chen, Q., Xia, X.S., Han, Q.Q.

Analytical Biochemistry (2018). 563, 25-34.

Characterization of a potential ripening regulator, SlNAC3, from Solanum lycopersicum.

Jing, L., Li, J., Song, Y.Z., Zhang, J.Y., Chen, Q., Han, Q.Q.

Open Life Sciences (2018). 13, 518-526.

Rapid Detection of Rongalite via a Sandwich Lateral Flow Strip Assay Using a Pair of Aptamers.

Li, J., Jing, L., Song, Y.Z., Zhang, J.Y., Chen, Q., Wang, B.H., Xia, X.S., Han, Q.Q.

Nanoscale Research Letters (2018). 13.

The tree shrew as a model for infectious diseases research.

Li, R.F., Zanin, M., Xia, X.S., Yang, Z.F.

J Thorac Dis (2018). 10, S2272-S2279.

Magnetic Solid-Phase Extraction Combined with Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction Followed by HPLC for Determination of Four Aromatic Amines Released from Azo Dyes in Paper Samples.

Li, X.L., Meng, D.L., Liu, R.Q., Yang, Y.L.

Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society (2018). 29, 757-765.

Cervical Cancer, Human Papillomavirus Infection, and Vaccine-Related Knowledge: Awareness in Chinese Women.

Li, Y.Y., Baloch, Z., Li, S.S., Yasmeen, N., Wu, X.M., Khan, J.M., Xia, X.S.

Cancer Control (2018). 25.

The distribution of human papillomavirus genotypes in cervical cancer and intraepithelial neoplasia lesions among Chinese women in Yunnan Province.

Li, Y.Y., Baloch, Z., Yasmeen, N., Tao, Y., Wu, X.M., Xia, X.S.

Journal of Infection and Public Health (2018). 11, 105-110.

Complete mitochondrial genome sequence of the Thomson's gazelle (Eudorcas thomsonii).

Li, Z., Ren, Q.M., Yang, J., Dong, Y., Wang, K.

Conservation Genetics Resources (2018). 10, 543-545.

A comprehensive review of web-based resources of non-coding RNAs for plant science research.

Liao, P.R., Li, S.P., Cui, X.M., Zheng, Y.

International Journal of Biological Sciences (2018). 14, 819-832.

Stereoscopic cultivation of Panax nowginseng: A new approach to overcome the continuous cropping obstacle.

Liao, P.R., Liu, P.F., Wang, Y.L., Huang, C.M., Lan, L., Yang, Y., Cui, X.M.

Industrial Crops and Products (2018). 126, 38-47.

Surfactant-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid micro-extraction combined with magnetic solid-phase extraction for analysis of polyphenols in tobacco samples.

Liu, C.B., Liu, Z.H., Wang, M., Yang, Y.L.

Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society (2018). 15, 1561-1568.

Metal-Free Oxidative Thioesterification of Methyl Ketones with Thiols/Disulfides for the Synthesis of alpha-Ketothioesters.

Hu, B., Zhou, P., Zhang, Q.H., Wang, Y.Q., Zhao, S.Y., Lu, L.L., Yan, S.J., Yu, F.C.

Journal of Organic Chemistry (2018). 83, 14978-14986.

A hybrid proline-rich cell-wall protein gene JsPRP1 from Juglans sigillata Dode confers both biotic and abiotic stresses in transgenic tobacco plants.

Liu, D.Q., Han, Q., Shah, T., Chen, C.Y., Wang, Q., Tang, B.F., Ge, F.

Trees-Structure and Function (2018). 32, 1199-1209.

Production of Minor Ginenosides from Panax notoginseng by Microwave Processing Method and Evaluation of Their Blood-Enriching and Hemostatic Activity.

Liu, H.Y., Pan, J., Yang, Y., Cui, X.M., Qu, Y.

Molecules (2018). 23.

Adenosine 5'-monophosphate decreases citrate exudation and aluminium resistance in Tamba black soybean by inhibiting the interaction between 14-3-3 proteins and plasma membrane H+-ATPase.

Min, Y., Guo, C.L., Zhao, X.L., Wang, L., Yu, Y.X., Chen, L.M.

Plant Growth Regulation (2018). 84, 285-292.

Converting ginsenosides from stems and leaves of Panax notoginseng by microwave processing and improving their anticoagulant and anticancer activities.

Qu, Y., Liu, H.Y., Guo, X.X., Luo, Y., Wang, C.X., He, J.H., Xu, T.R., Yang, Y., Cui, X.M.

Rsc Advances (2018). 8, 40471-40482.

Promotion of quality standard of Chinese herbal medicine by the integrated and efficacy-oriented quality marker of Effect-constituent Index.

Xiong, Y., Hu, Y.P., Li, F., Chen, L.J., Dong, Q., Wang, J.B., Gullen, E.A., Cheng, Y.C., Xiao, X.H.

Phytomedicine : international journal of phytotherapy and phytopharmacology (2018). 45, 26-35.

KAP1 inhibits the Raf-MEK-ERK pathway to promote tumorigenesis in A549 lung cancer cells.

Wu, G.J., Pen, J., Huang, Y., An, S., Liu, Y., Yang, Y., Hao, Q., Guo, X.X., Xu, T.R.

Molecular Carcinogenesis (2018). 57, 1396-1407.

Screening and Application of a New Aptamer for the Rapid Detection of Sudan Dye III.

Wang, Y., Li, J., Qiao, P., Jing, L., Song, Y.Z., Zhang, J.Y., Chen, Q., Han, Q.Q.

European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology (2018). 120.

TBAI/K2S2O8-Promoted Multicomponent Domino Reaction of Aryl Methyl Ketones, Enaminones, and Indoles: A Facile Access to Multisubstituted 3-Indolyl-pyrroles.

Yang, J., Zhou, P., Hu, B., Zhao, S.Y., Zhang, Q.H., Xu, L., Yang, R., Yu, F.C.

Chemistryselect (2018). 3, 11938-11942.

Radical Addition/Cyclization Cascade: An Efficient Approach to Nitro-Containing Quinoline-2,4(1H,3H)-diones.

Yang, T., Zhou, J.L., Li, J.P., Shen, Y.H., Gao, C.Z., Li, Y.M.

Synthesis-Stuttgart (2018). 50, 3460-3466.

Cross-Sectional Study of Gene Expression Analysis Identifies Critical Biological Pathways and Key Genes Implicated in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

Wang, T.L., Hu, J., Xu, L.T., Zhao, H.B., Li, Y.Y., Shou, T., Xia, X.S., Chen, Q.

Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal (2018). 20.

Over-expression of the Arabidopsis formate dehydrogenase in chloroplasts enhances formaldehyde uptake and metabolism in transgenic tobacco leaves.

Wang, R., Zeng, Z.D., Guo, H.X., Tan, H., Liu, A., Zhao, Y., Chen, L.M.

Planta (2018). 247, 339-354.

Application of magnetic nanoparticles coated with sodium dodecyl sulfate and modified with 2-(5-bromo-2-pyridylazo)-5-diethyl aminophenol as a novel adsorbent for dispersive-magnetic solid-phase extraction and determination of palladium in soil samples.

Wang, M., Wu, L., Hu, Q.G., Yang, Y.L.

Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2018). 25, 8340-8349.

Efficient Capture and Detection of Zika Virion by Polyclonal Antibody Against Prokaryotic Recombinant Envelope Protein.

Zhang, L.D., Chen, C.J., Dai, L., Zhang, L., Xu, K.Q., Song, Y.Z., Xia, X.S., Han, Q.Q., Chen, Q., Zhang, J.Y.

Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology (2018). 11.

Detection of Shigella in Milk and Clinical Samples by Magnetic Immunocaptured-Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay.

Zhang, L.D., Wei, Q.J., Han, Q.Q., Chen, Q., Tai, W.L., Zhang, J.Y., Song, Y.Z., Xia, X.S.

Frontiers in Microbiology (2018). 9.

Comparative transcriptomic analysis provides insights into antibacterial mechanisms of Branchiostoma belcheri under Vibrio parahaemolyticus infection.

Zhang, Q.L., Zhu, Q.H., Liang, M.Z., Wang, F., Guo, J., Deng, X.Y., Chen, J.Y., Wang, Y.J., Lin, L.B.

Fish & Shellfish Immunology (2018). 76, 196-205.

Salicylic acid reduces the accumulation of aluminum in Panax notoginsen root cell wall pectin via the NO signaling pathway.

Yang, Y., Dai, C.Y., Guo, L.P., Qu, Y., Yang, X.Y., Liu, D.Q., Wang, C.X., Cui, X.M.

Plant and Soil (2018). 430, 171-184.

N, S co-doped carbon dots for temperature probe and the detection of tetracycline based on the inner filter effect.

Zhao, C.X., Jiao, Y., Gao, Z., Yang, Y.L., Li, H.

Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology a-Chemistry (2018). 367, 137-144.

Green synthesis of carbon dots from pork and application as nanosensors for uric acid detection.

Zhao, C.X., Jiao, Y., Hu, F., Yang, Y.L.

Spectrochimica Acta Part a-Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy (2018). 190, 360-367.

One-step synthesis of S, B co-doped carbon dots and their application for selective and sensitive fluorescence detection of diethylstilbestrol.

Zhao, C.X., Jiao, Y., Zhang, L., Yang, Y.L.

New Journal of Chemistry (2018). 42, 2857-2864.

Fabrication of CDs/CdS-TiO2 ternary nano-composites for photocatalytic degradation of benzene and toluene under visible light irradiation.

Wang, M., Hua, J.H., Yang, Y.L.

Spectrochimica Acta Part a-Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy (2018). 199, 102-109.

Long noncoding RNA HOTTIP cooperates with CCCTC-binding factor to coordinate HOXA gene expression.

Wang, F., Tang, Z.Q., Shao, H.L., Guo, J., Tan, T., Dong, Y., Lin, L.B.

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2018). 500, 852-859.

Rapid purification of bacteriophage endolysin TSPphg and its exogenous treatment could act as an alternative bacterial cell disruption method.

Wang, F., Ji, X.Y., Chen, M.S., Guo, J., Deng, X.Y., Lin, L.B.

Protein Expression and Purification (2018). 148, 54-58.

Determination of Silodosin in Biological Samples Using UPLC-MS/MS Combined with Magnetic Carboxylated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes.

Yin, Q.H., Zhu, Y.Q., Yang, Y.L.

Acta Chromatographica (2018). 30, 47-53.

Optimization of the extraction process of polysaccharides from Dendrobium officinale and evaluation of the in vivo immunmodulatory activity.

Wang, C.X., Xu, L., Guo, X.X., Cui, X.M., Yang, Y.

Journal of Food Processing and Preservation (2018). 42.

Melatonin enhances lipid production in Monoraphidium sp QLY-1 under nitrogen deficiency conditions via a multi-level mechanism.

Zhao, Y.T., Li, D.F., Xu, J.W., Zhao, P., Li, T., Ma, H.X., Yu, X.Y.

Bioresource technology (2018). 259, 46-53.

Butylated hydroxytoluene induces astaxanthin and lipid production in Haematococcus pluvialis under high-light and nitrogen-deficiency conditions.

Zhao, Y.T., Yue, C.C., Ding, W., Li, T., Xu, J.W., Zhao, P., Ma, H.X., Yu, X.Y.

Bioresource technology (2018). 266, 315-321.

Co-Circulation of 4 Dengue Virus Serotypes among Travelers Entering China from Myanmar, 2017.

Wang, B.H., Liang, Y.B., Yang, S.T., Du, Y.R., Xiong, L.N., Zhao, T., Yang, F., Qin, W.H., Xia, X.S.

Emerging Infectious Diseases (2018). 24, 1756-1758.

The importation of the phylogenetic-transition state of Zika virus to China in 2014.

Wang, B.H., Liang, Y.B., Lu, Y.N.A., Zhang, L., Li, Y.P., Song, Y.Z., Qin, C.F., Luo, Z.X., Xia, Z.Q., Qin, W.H., Xia, X.S.

Journal of Infection (2018). 76, 106-109.

Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction Followed by Magnetic Solid-Phase Extraction for Determination of Four Parabens in Beverage Samples by Ultra-performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry.

Yin, Q.H., Zhu, Y.Q., Yang, Y.L.

Food Analytical Methods (2018). 11, 797-807.

Environmental Analysis of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Determination of Pyrethroids in Paris Polyphylla Samples Using Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Micro Extraction Coupled to Magnetic Nanoparticles.

Tu, Y.J., Zhou, Y.F., Yang, Y.L.

Ekoloji (2018). 27, 1259-1269.

A small proportion of litter-derived nitrogen is assimilated by plant biomass or immobilized in sediments regardless of harvest management as detected by N-15-labeled Phragmites litter in a constructed wetland.

Tanaka, T.S.T., Irbis, C., Hama, Y., Wang, P.Y., Li, K.Z., Inamura, T.

Journal of Environmental Management (2018). 217, 888-896.

iTRAQ-based proteomics screen for potential regulators of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) root cell wall component response to Al stress.

Yang, Y., Ma, L., Zeng, H., Chen, L.Y., Zheng, Y., Li, C.X., Yang, Z.P., Wu, N., Mu, X., Dai, C.Y., Guan, H.L., Cui, X.M., Liu, Y.

Gene (2018). 675, 301-311.

Chemoselective Synthesis of N-Arylenaminones and 3-Aroylquinolines by Synergistic Control of Temperature and Amount of Catalyst.

Zhou, P., Hu, B., Rao, K.R., Li, L.D., Yang, J., Gao, C.Z., Wang, F.P., Yu, F.C.

Synlett (2018). 29, 519-524.

Convenient Synthesis of Quinoline-4-carboxylate Derivatives through the Bi(OTf)(3)-Catalyzed Domino Cyclization/Esterification Reaction of Isatins with Enaminones in Alcohols.

Zhou, P., Hu, B., Wang, Y.Q., Zhang, Q.H., Li, X., Yan, S.J., Yu, F.C.

European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2018). 2018, 4527-4535.

Effect of different cleaning processes on saponins' loss rate and total ash clearance rate of Notoginseng and heavy metal health risk assessment.

Yang, Y., Tian, M.Y., Guo, L.P., Liu, D.H., Qu, Y., Cui, X.M.

Journal of Food Processing and Preservation (2018). 42.

Oxidative radical cascade cyclization involving C(sp(3))-C(sp(3)), C(sp(3))-C(sp(2)) and C(sp(2))-N bonds formation: direct construction of cyano and methyl substituted polyheterocycles.

Shang, J.Q., Wang, S.S., Fu, H., Li, Y., Yang, T., Li, Y.M.

Organic Chemistry Frontiers (2018). 5, 1945-1949.

High prevalence of HIV-1 transmitted drug resistance among therapy-naive Burmese entering travelers at Dehong ports in Yunnan, China.

Xuan, Q.C., Liang, S.W., Qin, W.H., Yang, S.T., Zhang, A.M., Zhao, T., Su, H., Xia, Z.Q., Wang, B.H., Xia, X.S.

Bmc Infectious Diseases (2018). 18.

An improved Pfitzinger reaction for the direct synthesis of quinoline-4-carboxylic esters/acids mediated by TMSCl.

Zhou, P., Hu, B., Zhao, S.Y., Zhang, Q.H., Wang, Y.Q., Li, X., Yu, F.C.

Tetrahedron Letters (2018). 59, 3116-3119.

Simultaneous Quantitative Determination of Active Components in Tetrastigma hemsleyanum by RP-HPLC Coupled with Diode Array Detection.

Zhu, Y.Q., Yin, Q.H., Du, P., Huang, S.J., Yang, Y.L.

Acta Chromatographica (2018). 30, 186-190.

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