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Prevalence and risk factors for human papillomavirus infection among Chinese ethnic women in southern of Yunnan, China.

Baloch, Z., Yasmeen, N., Li, Y.Y., Ma, K., Wu, X.M., Yang, S.H., Xia, X.S.

Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases (2017). 21, 325-332.

Knowledge and Awareness of Cervical Cancer, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), and HPV Vaccine Among HPV-Infected Chinese Women.

Baloch, Z., Yasmeen, N., Li, Y.Y., Zhang, W.H., Lu, H.Y., Wu, X.M., Xia, X.S., Yang, S.H.

Medical Science Monitor (2017). 23.

Effect of fulvic acid induction on the physiology, metabolism, and lipid biosynthesis-related gene transcription of Monoraphidium sp FXY-10.

Che, R.Q., Huang, L., Xu, J.W., Zhao, P., Li, T., Ma, H.X., Yu, X.Y.

Bioresource technology (2017). 227, 324-334.


Zhu, Y.X., Song, H., Zhang, X., Chen, C.Y., Zhao, S.L., Ge, F., Liu, D.Q.

Journal of Food Process Engineering (2017). 40.

The Role of Thioredoxin-1 in Suppression Sepsis Through Inhibiting Mitochondrial-Induced Apoptosis in Spleen.

Chen, G.B., Li, X., Huang, M.B., Zhou, X.S., Li, Y., Mao, X.Q., Bai, J.

Shock (2017). 47, 753-758.

Prognosis of HIV Patients Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy According to CD4 Counts: A Long-term Follow-up study in Yunnan, China.

Ren, L., Li, J., Zhou, S.Y., Xia, X.S., Xie, Z.R., Liu, P., Xu, Y., Qian, Y., Zhang, H.F., Ma, L.T., Pan, Q.W., Wang, K.H.

Scientific reports (2017). 7.

Epidemiology reveals Zhaotong City as the hub of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 transmission from the Yunnan province to other regions in China.

Ren, L., Wang, B.B., Gong, K.M., Liu, P., Zhou, S.Y., Zhang, L., Xia, X.S., Wang, K.H.

Journal of General Virology (2017). 98, 3093-3100.

Bio-available selective IAP inhibitor dual-activated TRAIL-induced apoptosis via caspase-mediated pathway in human colorectal cancer.

Zuo, H., Guo, X.X., Huang, Y., Kong, Q.H., Chang, K.J., Wang, G.L., Shen, Y.H.

International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology (2017). 10, 6435-6443.

The prevalence and genotype distribution of rotavirus A infection among children with acute gastroenteritis in Kunming, China.

Dian, Z.Q., Fan, M., Wang, B.H., Feng, Y., Ji, H., Dong, S.W., Zhang, A.M., Liu, L., Niu, H., Xia, X.S.

Archives of Virology (2017). 162, 281-285.

Completely genomic and evolutionary characteristics of human-dominant G9P 8 group A rotavirus strains in Yunnan, China.

Dian, Z.Q., Wang, B.H., Fan, M., Dong, S.W., Feng, Y., Zhang, A.M., Liu, L., Niu, H., Lit, Y.Y., Xia, X.S.

Journal of General Virology (2017). 98, 1163-1168.

Association between genetic polymorphisms of the IL28B gene and leukomonocyte in Chinese hepatitis B virus-infected individuals.

Song, Y.Z., Shen, Y.S., Xia, X.S., Zhang, A.M.

Peerj (2017). 5.

Methanol- enhanced removal and metabolic conversion of formaldehyde by a black soybean from formaldehyde solutions.

Tan, H., Xiong, Y., Li, K.Z., Chen, L.M.

Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2017). 24, 4765-4777.

Phylogenetic analyses of Phragmites spp. in southwest China identified two lineages and their hybrids.

Tanaka, T.S.T., Irbis, C., Inamura, T.

Plant Systematics and Evolution (2017). 303, 699-707.

Effect of Phragmites japonicus harvest frequency and timing on dry matter yield and nutritive value.

Tanaka, T.S.T., Irbis, C., Kumagai, H., Wang, P.Y., Li, K.Z., Inamura, T.

Journal of Environmental Management (2017). 187, 436-443.

HIV prevalence and phylogenetic characteristics among entry travelers in Xishuangbanna prefecture, Yunnan province, between 2003 and 2012.

Wang, B.H., Liang, Y.B., Wang, Y.J., Feng, Y., Li, Y.P., Zhang, L., Xuan, Q.C., Miao, J., Qin, W.H., Xia, X.S.

Journal of medical virology (2017). 89, 1112-1115.

Tree shrew, a potential animal model for hepatitis C, supports the infection and replication of HCV in vitro and in vivo.

Feng, Y., Feng, Y.M., Lu, C.X., Han, Y.Y., Liu, L., Sun, X.M., Dai, J.J., Xia, X.S. Journal of General Virology (2017). 98, 2069-2078.

Processing technologies affect the aroma but not the taste of teas: A study of Yunnan Biluochun, Jiangsu Biluochun, and other regular green teas.

Wang, C., Lv, S.D., Wang, J.X., Qiu, X.L., Wu, Y.S., Meng, Q.X.

International Journal of Food Properties (2017). 20, 1404-1421.

The complete chloroplast genome sequence of wild soybean, Glycine soja.

Gao, C.W., Gao, L.Z.

Conservation Genetics Resources (2017). 9, 329-331.

CCCTC-Binding Factor Transcriptionally Targets Wdr5 to Mediate Somatic Cell Reprogramming.

Wang, F., Han, J.H., Wang, L., Jing, Y., Zhu, Z., Hui, D.W., Wang, Z.H., Wang, Y.Z., Dong, Y., Tan, T.

Stem Cells and Development (2017). 26, 743-750.

Nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots as a fluorescence probe combined with magnetic solid-phase extraction purification for analysis of folic acid in human serum.

Wang, M., Jiao, Y., Cheng, C.S., Hua, J.H., Yang, Y.L.

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2017). 409, 7063-7075.

Ionic Liquid-Based Surfactant Extraction Coupled with Magnetic Dispersive mu-Solid Phase Extraction for the Determination of Phthalate Esters in Packaging Milk Samples by HPLC.

Wang, M., Yang, F., Liu, L., Cheng, C.S., Yang, Y.L.

Food Analytical Methods (2017). 10, 1745-1754.

Gut microbiota alterations from different Lactobacillus probiotic-fermented yoghurt treatments in slow-transit constipation.

Liu, C.J., Tang, X.D., Yu, J., Zhang, H.Y., Li, X.R.

Journal of Functional Foods (2017). 38, 110-118.

Comparative Gene Expression Analysis within Mouse Macrophage for Identifying Critical Pathways in Macrophage and Brucella suis Interaction.

Hu, J., Wang, T.L., Zhao, H.B., Song, Y.Z., Han, Q.Q., Zhang, J.Y., Shou, T., Zhang, F., Xia, X.S., Chen, Q.

Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology (2017). 10.

Prokaryotic Expression and Monoclonal Antibody Preparation of Rabies Virus Phosphoprotein.

Hu, J., Xia, X.S., Yang, M., Song, Y.Z., Han, Q.Q., Chen, Q., Zan, J., Zhang, J.Y.

Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology (2017). 10.

A practical synthesis of the flavone, scutellarein.

Wang, Q., Liao, X.L., Xiang, C., Yang, J.

Journal of Chemical Research (2017). 157-159.

An alternative synthesis of 2,6-dimethoxyl-1,4-benzoquinone.

Wang, Q., Yang, J., Zheng, Y., Liao, X.L.

Journal of Chemical Research (2017). 193-194.

Highly fluorescent carbon quantum dots as nanoprobes for sensitive and selective determination of mercury (II) in surface waters.

Hua, J.H., Yang, J., Zhu, Y., Zhao, C.X., Yang, Y.L.

Spectrochimica Acta Part a-Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy (2017). 187, 149-155.

Overexpression of a peroxidase gene (AtPrx64) of Arabidopsis thaliana in tobacco improves plant's tolerance to aluminum stress.

Wu, Y.S., Yang, Z.L., How, J.Y., Xu, H.N., Chen, L.M., Li, K.Z.

Plant molecular biology (2017). 95, 157-168.

Vortex-assisted liquid-liquid microextraction combined with spectrophotometry for the determination of trace nitrite in water samples.

Jiao, Y., Yu, J.P., Yang, Y.L.

Water Science and Technology-Water Supply (2017). 17, 1225-1231.

Chemical Composition and Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitory Activity of Essential Oils from Piper Species.

Xiang, C.P., Han, J.X., Li, X.C., Li, Y.H., Zhang, Y., Chen, L., Qu, Y., Hao, C.Y., Li, H.Z., Yang, C.R., Zhao, S.J., Xu, M.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2017). 65, 3702-3710.

Uncovering Active Constituents Responsible for Different Actvities of Raw and Steamed Panax notoginseng Roots.

Xiong, Y., Chen, L.J., Hu, Y.P.A., Cui, X.M.

Frontiers in Pharmacology (2017). 8.

A strategy for promoting lipid production in green microalgae Monoraphidium sp QLY-1 by combined melatonin and photoinduction.

Li, D.F., Zhao, Y.T., Ding, W., Zhao, P., Xu, J.W., Li, T., Ma, H.X., Yu, X.Y.

Bioresource technology (2017). 235, 104-112.

Screening mutations in drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains in Yunnan, China.

Li, D.Q., Song, Y.Z., Zhang, C.L., Li, X.F., Xia, X.S., Zhang, A.M.

Journal of Infection and Public Health (2017). 10, 630-636.

Supramolecular solvents combined with layered double hydroxide-coated magnetic nanoparticles for extraction of bisphenols and 4-tert-octylphenol from fruit juices.

Yang, D.Z., Li, X.L., Meng, D.L., Wang, M., Yang, Y.L.

Food Chemistry (2017). 237, 870-876.

Determination of Ultraviolet Absorbers and Light Stabilizers in Food Packaging Bags by Magnetic Solid Phase Extraction Followed by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography.

Yang, F., Li, X.L., Meng, D.L., Yang, Y.L.

Food Analytical Methods (2017). 10, 3247-3254.

The opioid receptor triple agonist DPI-125 produces analgesia with less respiratory depression and reduced abuse liability.

Yi, S.P., Kong, Q.H., Li, Y.L., Pan, C.L., Yu, J., Cui, B.Q., Wang, Y.F., Wang, G.L., Zhou, P.L., Wang, L.L., Gong, Z.H., Su, R.B., Shen, Y.H., Yu, G., Chang, K.J.

Acta Pharmacologica Sinica (2017). 38, 977-989.

The complete chloroplast genome of the endangered wild Musa itinerans (Zingiberales: Musaceae).

Li, W., Liu, Y., Gao, L.Z.

Conservation Genetics Resources (2017). 9, 667-669.

Magnetic Solid-Phase Extraction in Combination with Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Analysis: Quantification of Risperidone and 9-Hydroxyrisperidone in Biological Samples.

Yin, Q.H., Zhu, Y.Q., Yang, Y.L.

Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society (2017). 28, 1866-1873.

Iridoid glycosides from the Genus Gentiana (Gentianaceae) and their Chemotaxonomic Sense.

Yuan, H.Y., Kwaku, O.R., Pan, H., Han, J.X., Yang, C.R., Xu, M.

Natural Product Communications (2017). 12, 1663-1670.

Complete genome sequence of the lytic cold-active Pseudomonas fluorescens bacteriophage VSW-3 from Napahai plateau wetland.

Zhang, C.J., Zhang, Z.Y., Li, J.K., Qin, K.H., Wei, Y.L., Zhang, Q., Lin, L.B., Ji, X.L.

Virus genes (2017). 53, 146-150.

In vitro anticancer activity and cytotoxicity screening of phytochemical extracts from selected traditional Chinese medicinal plants.

Liang, C., Pan, H., Li, H.Z., Zhao, Y., Feng, Y.

Journal of Buon (2017). 22, 543-551.

The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Phyllostachys heterocycla, a fast-growing non-timber bamboo (Poaceae: Bambusoideae).

Zhang, D., Liu, Y., Gao, L.Z.

Conservation Genetics Resources (2017). 9, 217-219.

Relationship Between Human mutL Homolog 1 (hMLH1) Hypermethylation and Colorectal Cancer: A Meta-Analysis.

Zhang, H.F., Lu, Y.W., Xie, Z.R., Wang, K.H.

Medical Science Monitor (2017). 23, 3026-3038.

The development of a Panax notoginseng medicinal liquor processing technology using the response surface method and a study of its antioxidant activity and its effects on mouse melanoma B16 cells.

Liao, P.R., Liu, Y., Zhao, M.Z., Yang, Y., Cui, X.M.

Food & Function (2017). 8, 4251-4264.

Rosbin, a synthetic small molecule, induces A549 cells apoptosis through a ROS-mediated pathway.

Zhao, T., Jin, W.L., Pan, H., Li, H.Z., Zhao, Y., Feng, Y.

Cell Biology International (2017). 41, 221-226.

Small RNA profiles from Panax notoginseng roots differing in sizes reveal correlation between miR156 abundances and root biomass levels.

Zheng, Y., Chen, K., Xu, Z.N., Liao, P.R., Zhang, X.T., Liu, L., Wei, K.N., Liu, D.Q., Li, Y.F., Sunkar, R., Cui, X.M.

Scientific reports (2017). 7.

One-pot synthesis of functionalised 4-spiro-1,4-dihydropyridines via 1+2+1+2 -cyclisation.

Zhou, P., Hu, B., Lu, L.L., Huang, R., Yu, F.C.

Journal of Chemical Research (2017). 513-516.

Two Complementary Cyclization Reactions for the Chemoselective Synthesis of Spirooxindoles.

Zhou, P., Hu, B., Yang, J., Li, L.D., Rao, K.R., Zhu, D.F., Yu, F.C.

European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2017). 2017, 7256-7265.

Ionic liquid enhanced magnetic solid-phase extraction of phthalate esters in food samples with oleic acid coated-Fe3O4 nanoparticles prior to HPLC.

Liu, R.Q., Liu, Y., Cheng, C.S., Yang, Y.L.

Separation Science and Technology (2017). 52, 1787-1795.

Magnetic Solid-Phase Extraction and Ionic Liquid Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction Coupled with High-Performance Liquid Chromatography for the Determination of Hexachlorophene in Cosmetics.

Liu, R.Q., Liu, Y., Cheng, C.S., Yang, Y.L.

Chromatographia (2017). 80, 783-791.

Mn(OAc)(3)-Promoted Oxidative C(sp)3-P Bond Formation through (Csp2-Csp2) and P-H Bond Cleavage: Access to beta-Ketophosphonates.

Zhou, P., Hu, B.A., Li, L.D., Rao, K.R., Yang, J., Yu, F.C.

Journal of Organic Chemistry (2017). 82, 13268-13276.

An improved Pfitzinger reaction: Eco-efficient synthesis of quinaldine-4-carboxylates by TMSC1-mediated.

Lu, L.L., Zhou, P., Hu, B., Li, X., Huang, R., Yu, F.C.

Tetrahedron Letters (2017). 58, 3658-3661.

Host-guest inclusion system of rhein with polyamine-modified beta-cyclodextrins: characterization and cytotoxicity.

Lv, P., Liu, M.S., Liao, R.Q., Zhao, Y.L., Liao, X.L., Gao, C.Z., Yang, B.

Pharmaceutical Development and Technology (2017). 22, 669-677.

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