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Follow your therapy plan

"Every discontinuation of a therapy, either through a reduction in the dose, by stopping the medication or through a discontinuance of the psychosocial assistance, is associated with a very high probability of experiencing a renewed psychosis"

In the preceding Websites, it has been discussed how important it is to observe the therapeutic plan. To summarise, there is a very high risk for a renewed psychosis, if the doses of medication are reduced or discontinued entirely and/or if the psychosocial aid is no longer taken advantage of. Results of research have shown that nearly all patients demonstrating such behaviour will sooner or later suffer from a psychotic relapse.

bildIt is understandable that you may have doubts about your diagnosis and consequentially, as well as logically, question the therapy. Frequently, there is also a desire to try out whether or not it might also work without medication. Unfortunately, the price for such behaviour is very high. If you suffer a renewed psychotic episode, you risk everything that has been reached up to now. Usually, persons suffering from a psychotic relapse must receive higher doses of their medications until they are able to achieve the same degree of stability once again. More medication also means a higher risk of suffering from side effects and, consequently, an increased danger of discontinuing the medicine again because of these side effects – the start of an ill-fated spiral.

The following tips are important in regard to the therapy plan:

  • Discuss any changes made in the medication with your doctor, regardless of how small they might be.
  • Do not stop your medication nor break off the psychosocial therapy prematurely. If you want to discontinue with the medicines, arrange a strategy with your doctor. Remain in closely-monitored contact with your therapist in order to recognise a possible relapse at an early point in time.

My further therapeutic plan and therapy registration form

It is important that your continued therapy be established concretely. On this page, you should answer all important questions concerning your further ambulatory care. Call up the document by clicking the Download button. Print the pages from the PDF. Answer all questions which you are able to answer immediately; for all of the others, please discuss them with your therapist and then fill them out. Everything which you are not aware of, please leave free!

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