Assistance for everyday life

Returning to school or work

bildThe return to or starting with schooling or in a job represents a large step for many persons who are affected with psychoses. Generally, this step is associated with more burden and more stress, and frequently also with fears as to whether or not one will be able to handle this burden at all or whether the fellow workers or classmates will react with rejection. Therefore, it is important to prepare yourself well for this step and to consider some important tips:

  • Prepare yourself well before returning - inform yourself, for example about offers of ergotherapy or occupational therapies available in the clinic, about occupational therapeutic rehabilitation programmes like those offered by occupational rehabilitation centres (BFW; Berufsförderungswerk) or special aids for professional, step-by-step rehabilitation, e.g. with the possibility of an initial reduction in hours. For students, so-called clinic schools are frequently available as well, in which one can prepare oneself before returning to the everyday life at school. To obtain precise information concerning any social aid, schedule a meeting with the social education worker from the clinic.
  • Do not let the initial problems get you down – returning to school and a profession is always associated with more stress. You will be tired in the evening and frequently wonder whether you will be able to handle the next day. Remember that you will need a little time to get used to it. Look for something to do as compensation for the additional stress, like recreational sports, meeting friends, going to the movies, etc. Be sure to see that you also get enough sleep.
  • Be sure to see to it that the stress does not become too much for you - distribute your powers well. Do not try to take over the tasks of others, until you have managed to carry out your primary job with ease. Discuss the problems you have at work regularly with your therapist.
  • It is not worth it to become sick again - if your activity proves to be too demanding, admit this to yourself. It is not worth continuing with this if your psychosis thereby, once again, becomes worse.
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