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Don't get stuck in the Internet

"That which is not possible in reality can easily be achieved in the virtual world by those individuals who have fallen ill"

bildIncreasingly more psychologically ill persons are looking for refuge in the Internet. Especially young persons with depressions, and frequently individuals afflicted with psychoses as well, always spend more and more time in the virtual world of the Internet. There, they take part in role-playing games where they can fight, partake in a war or something else where they can assume a new identity. Frequently, this will provide compensation for lacking social contacts or, the feeling which is missing, of belonging to a group. Most of those who are affected know secretly that these actions are not good for them. Nevertheless, it is sometimes not very easy to get control of this "addiction" once again. Consider that you must work out the grievances in your actual life, so that reality once again can become more attractive.

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