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Activate and cultivate your social contacts

bildSocial contacts with other individuals are essential for all persons. These can involve familial ties, friendships or partnerships, but also only loose contacts as with neighbours, fellow workers and sports fans.

If one suffers from a psychological illness, one occasionally feels as if one is unable to undergo any type of social contact.

Nevertheless, you must learn once again, as quickly as possible, to initiate human relationships and to take care of them. This is all the more important because regular social contacts for persons with psychoses result in fewer psychotic symptoms, a lower frequency of depression and in a better quality of life.

Therefore, a few practical tips are provided here for you to have an easier time establishing contact with other individuals

  • Spend a lot of time with your family, your partner and your friends. No one will cease to like you merely because you have developed this illness. Consider, however, that some people may find it difficult to deal with your situation. Convince them of the opposite.
  • Attempt to get to know new people. Arrange to meet with fellow workers, sports friends, etc. Ask your therapist if there are any therapeutic offers which conform with your age.

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