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Live healthy and reduce stress

If one has fallen ill from a psychosis or a bipolar disorder, one easily tends to neglect one's bodily health. In the long-term, that may result in a large problem, since physical illnesses may develop as a result of unhealthy behaviour, which may, once again, lead to a deterioration in your psychological condition.

A few tips regarding a healthier lifestyle follow, which you should take into consideration

  • Do not procrastinate with regard to your visits to the doctor and undergo routine physical examinations.
  • Only smoke a few cigarettes or stop smoking entirely.
  • Drink less alcohol. If you have an alcohol as well as a drug problem, try to remain abstinent.
  • Reduce your intake of fatty foods. Attempt to reduce or stop your consumption of fatty meals (e.g. crisps, chips, cakes, biscuits), fatty spreads (e.g. butter) and drinks containing sugar (e.g. Coca-Cola, milkshakes).
  • Eat healthier. Eat more low-fat meals (e.g. fish, fruit, vegetables), drink low-fat milk or skimmed milk, and try to eat less.
  • Avoid salting your meals additionally.
  • Drink less coffee and more tea.
  • Drink sufficient amounts of liquid during the day (primarily water or diluted juices).
  • Become more physically active. Begin to activate yourself slowly, e.g. by walking, jogging or riding a bicycle. Become a member of a sport club or an athletic group, that will help you to increase your motivation. Do not let yourself become discouraged if success doesn't take place immediately.
  • In the event that you are taking antipsychotics or other medications which activate your appetite, contact your physician so that he/she can provide you with assistance or discuss with you the possibility of altering to a different medication.
  • Should you have already gained weight as a result of the antipsychotics you take, ask your physician about a nutritional or activity plan which is generally offered by clinics.
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