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Get to know the health-care system

versorgungssytemGetting to know the possibilities for treatment and becoming aware of where one can get help is especially important for long-term recovery. For persons with psychoses or bipolar disorders, there are a number of different possibilities for therapy and health-care structures. However, it is sometimes not so simple to orient oneself with the situation. In order for you and your family to find a suitable backup system, it is generally most important to find support, e.g. through your treating neurologist, psychiatrist or through a social education worker in a psychiatric out-patient institution. On the following pages, we want to inform you about the health-care system, so that you can actively play a role in searching for the right treatment for yourself.

Getting better coordinated, however, is also a constant demand at the pros themselves. Many people experienced with psychiatric illnesses mill around for the longest of times until they are able to find a place or a person who is flexible enough for their needs and which suit them personally. The type of service to which they belong, then hardly plays any role at all.
The following health-care structures will be discussed in the following:

Full in-patient and partial ambulatory offers

Ambulatory offers for help

Rehabilitative and living facilities

Occupational rehabilitation

Other helpful services

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