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Occupational rehabilitation

Occupational development and rehabilitation centres

bildProfessional rehabilitative facilities are designed to provide initial occupational training for young individuals who are suffering from psychological illnesses (and the handicapped), and are dependent on particular assistance accompanying this training because of the type of or gravity of their illness. As a rule, these rehabilitative facilities include vocational training workshops, vocational training schools, differentiated loving possibilities as well as recreational facilities and different specialised services. Aside from the education in specific professions, which are suitable in the same manner for handicapped persons as well as for those who are not handicapped, professional rehabilitative facilities also offer education in special professions for the handicapped. To support and accompany this training, particular pedagogical, medical and specialised psychological services are available. Goal is the most prolonged integration of young, psychologically ill individuals in their profession, work and society.

Occupational supportive services are external educational facilities for the training and retraining of individuals suffering from psychological illnesses, who had previously, as a rule, already been working and must reorient themselves professionally because of their illness. The occupational supportive facilities consist of training facilities and boarding schools with assisted-living groups, different specialised services as well as recreational facilities. Occupational rehabilitation as applied according to the occupational supportive services should enable the person affected to exercise their future profession largely without limitations and to lastingly participate in professional life and to make it possible to participate in social life. The occupational supportive facilities, especially with regard to those persons who are affected, are available in special services of the occupational supportive services.

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