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Assisted living

The term "assisted living" is used to designate various different forms of living, which all have the goal of making it possible for the person affected to carry out a life that is as independent as possible. Since the need for care can prove to be different from one afflicted individual to another, there is "assisted living", on the one hand, which takes place in one's own apartment, with only a few hours of support per week, to "therapeutic communal residences" where care is offered "around-the-clock". In such "therapeutic communal residences", on the other hand, psychological advice is frequently offered as well, along with routine group meetings in which all inhabitants discuss current topics, as well as also clarifying conflicts. Because of the increasing amount of problems associated with psychoses and addiction, various facilities have specialized on these persons who are affected.

If an assisted living facility is taken into consideration, it is always advisable to take different facilities into consideration and to make use of ample time before making a final decision. The experience with such arrangements is frequently very positive. Many persons affected are able to stabilize themselves there very well, even until long after they have once again moved out of the assisted living facility.

Tasks include, individually

  • tthe provision of a suitable living space
  • individual collaboration and problem solving as associated with work/school and occupational trainings
  • support in the organisation of the everyday routines
  • cooperation in coping with conflicts involving social interactions and in situations associated with personal crises
  • development of supportive networks and promotion of social interactions
  • support in the management of finances
  • financial and material security
  • dispute with rights and duties as citizens
  • support in learning how to partake in meaningful recreational activities
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