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Rehabilitative facilities for the psychologically ill and the handicapped

bildIn rehabilitative facilities for the psychologically ill and the handicapped (RPK; Rehabilitationseinrichtungen für psychische Kranke und Behinderte), arrangements have been made for a long-term, designed, stationary and partially stationary, rehabilitative procedure to be carried out in a special, therapeutic setting. RPK procedures unite medical, medical-occupational and professional contents.
Rehabilitative facilities for the psychologically ill include a medical-psychiatric therapy, occupational preparations and training courses, as well as sociotherapeutic procedures, all under a single roof. The emphasis lies with the specialist responsibilities for stabilizing, training and consequently also the occupational training measurbr /s as well as the psychosocial care including rehabilitative counselling.

RPK measures are particularly indicated for younger individuals with psychoses or bipolar disorders, who have threatened to become handicapped long-term and have already been associated with multiple, more lengthy, hospitalisations because of this psychological disorder. Because of their illness, they have frequently been unable to complete any occupational training, to distance themselves from their childhood home or to develop any more stable social relationships.

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