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Ambulatory offers for help

Psychosocial services (PSS)

In the ambulatory field, the psychosocial services have an important function. The PSS is organized regionally, therefore according to boroughs of a city, districts, etc. Through this regional responsibility, the staff members are frequently informed very well about the local offers of assistance, clinics, doctors, etc. One can consequently turn to the psychosocial services (PSS) with questions at any time. The offers from the PSS are free of charge. This offer is available for all persons who are affected, consequently also for relatives and acquaintances. The offers of the PSS include, among other things,

  • assistance in situations involving crises,
  • clarification, advice and help in cases involving psychiatric illnesses and addiction,
  • support after a stay in the clinic,
  • the mediation of broader therapeutic, nursing, accompanying and sociolegal support,
  • advisory discussions and home visits. In the event of an emergency, these are generally accomplished in a short time.

Assistance offered in crisis situations conforms with the respective necessities. It extends from a mediation between the person affected and their relatives as far as to compulsory hospitalisation. Furthermore, the PSS is attributed to informing both persons who are affected as well as their relatives and acquaintances about the possibilities available for help, including precautionary measures and follow-up treatment. Consequently, most psychosocial services are offered by "patient clubs". These offer the person affected an exchange of experiences, with other individuals who are affected, concerning mutual aid, as well as a certain amount of support. Furthermore, home visits are also carried out for persons afflicted, who, because of their illness, for instance, are no longer in a position to contact the PSS.

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