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Day-care centres

Behind the idea of a "day-care centre", there are different modes of care offered for individuals with psychological illnesses. In part, they are also associated with information centres or with assisted living facilities that are associated with a sociopsychiatric centre, in which the patients are cared for. In contrast to day-care hospitals, these are not conducted by medical personnel and are not financed by the health insurance companies.

Depending on the individual day-care centre, the offers extend from open plans to therapeutic rehabilitation programmes. The offer, for instance, is designed for persons

  • who are still unable or no longer able to work or to take part in an activity similar to work, and who do not consider themselves to be sufficiently occupied through their domestic activities and the actions they perform as a part of their recreational activities,
  • who require sufficiently fulfilling daily occupational activities to suit their needs and capabilities, eventually only for a few hours and, as far as possible, outside of their living quarters or
  • who are looking for a psychotherapeutic and occupational therapeutic treatment.

Because of the different offers from various day-care centres, it is advisable to obtain detailed information beforehand and to take advantage of assistance when applying.

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