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Psychologists have studied psychology. Psychology literally means "education concerning the soul" and is a science dealing with the behaviour, contemplation and sensation of persons during different phases of their life. Consequently, psychologists do not only treat psychic diseases, but are also quite generally concerned with the inner life of the psychiatrically ill. After their university education, many psychologists have carried out additional education involving their training as a "clinical psychologist". In order to support their diagnoses, psychologists can perform tests concerned with the patients' functional capacities, personal characteristics, intelligence or emotional states. Psychological treatment, among other things, deals with coping with stress or fear, and training one's concentration and/or memory. In psychiatric institutions, psychologists frequently work together in a team with members of other occupations.

Many psychologists have completed an education in psychotherapy, e.g. involving behavioural therapy, psychoanalysis, family therapies or gestalt therapy. Goal of a psychotherapy, on the one hand, is to carry out a targeted treatment for psychological illnesses and, on the other hand, to heal other psychological conditions through the use of therapeutic conversations (e.g. following a separation).

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