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Ambulatory offers for help

Institutional out-patient psychiatric clinics

The ambulatory departments of institutions ensure the treatment of persons with psychic illnesses who are dependent on these facilities because of the type, severity and duration of their illness or because suitable doctors are located too far away. In the ambulatory departments of institutions, the persons affected and their relatives are supported by a multiprofessional team made up of doctors, psychologists, social education workers, ergotherapists as well as health-care and nursing personnel. The long-term complex and flexible treatment of persons with psychoses or bipolar disorders, and the support of their relatives, belong to their core responsibilities. 

The therapy offered is a so-called complex offer, i.e. not only medical services are available, but also psychological, nursing, ergotherapeutic, art and music therapies, as well as movement-therapeutic or sociotherapeutic services. All of these services are naturally not offered for all persons who are affected, but the therapy is instead tailor-made for each individual person. Also the quantity and duration of the meetings is arranged according to the individual case, as well as also the participation in group sessions - depending on the current requirements.

The goal should be that these ambulatory departments of institutions continuously obtain an increased capacity, so that acute crises can also be helped by being picked up at home.

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