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Day-care clinics

Day-care clinics are an important component of the health-care offered for psychotics and patients with bipolar disorders. Day-care clinics are frequently found in psychiatric clinics or psychiatric departments; day-care centres, occasionally, are seen to exist outside of the clinic environment as well.

Treatment in the day-care clinics is financed by the health insurance companies. The admission results analogously to that for normal hospital care, through an order by a physician. One can usually obtain precise information about the respective day-care clinic and their programme at an information discussion or in an information group. Subsequently, one is generally placed on a waiting list, as long as admission is not possible immediately. Admission can occur for various reasons, e.g. as a follow-up therapy after a full stationary admission or as crisis intervention.

The personnel of a day-care clinic, like that for a full stationary treatment, is made up of doctors, health-care specialists and nursing staff, social education workers, psychologists and staff members from other areas. Physical examinations, medicinal therapy, psychotherapeutic, sociotherapeutic and milieu therapeutic services, occupational therapy, etc. form at least a major part of the therapeutic programme.

The therapeutic programme of the day-care clinic is available to the patients during the day for five days a week. Consequently, participants must demonstrate a certain amount of stability which allows them to spend their evenings and weekends in their own apartment and/or with their families. Logically, a day-care clinic should be in the vicinity of one's place of residence. An advantage is that the social relationships are interrupted substantially less than with a full stationary treatment and that the treatment can frequently be carried out longer.

There are considerable differences which exist in the offers from different day-care clinics. Therefore, it is imperative to make an arrangement to inform oneself prior to admission.

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