Assistance for everyday life

How to cope with everyday life

Have the symptoms appeared again? Are the symptoms still continuing to improve? Will I withdraw into myself once again when I am at home? How will I manage without taking any drugs? What will my friends say? Can I master new crises? Where will I find help that is suitable for me? Which form of assistance is available for me? How will I manage to develop a well-balanced life? Will I achieve my goals? 

It could be that you are asking yourself too many questions. This is completely normal following a first or a repeated psychological crisis! Important for you is that you do not try to solve all of these questions at once and that your doctor, your therapist and, if necessary, your family will help you by providing advice for solving these problems. Many of your questions have also been put by other persons affected by psychoses or by individuals with bipolar disorders; as a consequence, their therapists as well as other people and relatives have also made extensive experience with this.

On the following pages, some tips which have also helped others should be passed on to you. First of all, we would like to explain the psychiatric management system to you in more detail and subsequently provide you with some useful tips to cope with your illness. These considerations and tips are still very general but, because these topics are at the same time both very important and very explosive, we want to complete and deepen this discussion as soon as possible in the chapter dealing with trialogues.

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