Early recognition of psychoses and bipolar disorders

What awaits me when I get in contact?

If you find yourself in a psychic crisis, it is good to feel in good hands, but also to be able to be involved in the decision-making in all therapeutic stages. In addition, it is important that the relatives are well informed and integrated and accordingly have fewer worries. If you get in contact with an early recognition centre the following stages await you:

  • bildFirst of all a discussion takes place, most favourably together with your relatives, in which you are given sufficient time to narrate your stresses and strains, your life circumstances and your current state of health. Then, we will ask you a few questions on various areas of life and symptoms. This helps us to better understand your situation and get to know you and your family better. Frequently, several interviews are required, which then can take place with you alone or again together with your family, depending on your wish.
  • Should rather diffuse, not precisely definable signs occur you will be offered regular outpatient appointments for checks. Should signs of a different psychic problem occur you will be referred to the responsible institution. If you are currently in a crisis, the early recognition centre will attempt to stand by you in a supporting role.
  • Should distinct signs of an incipient psychosis be shown a further diagnosis takes place. This includes a physical examination by a doctor, a blood test, an ECG, a so-called EEG for clarifying whether in your case a seizure disorder exists and a so-called CCT or MRT, i.e. the generation of an image of your brain. If cognitive problems also exist, a so-called neuropsychological test is added. All of these investigations are routine and not painful.
  • During the investigation period you will continue to have contact with a therapist who attends to you in these stages.
  • Subsequently, we will discuss with you in detail the results and the resulting stages for a further therapy.


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